In short, Script Kiddie is a newbie type of hacker without any solid programming knowledge who uses the existing codes and scripts to gain illegal access into a computer system or network and even a website.

Who are the Script Kiddies?

They make use of hacking techniques and scripts that were written by experienced and professional hackers. Immediately they come across these codes or scripts on the internet, they begin to think on how to maneuver it and gain access (illegal) into a computer network or system.

The fact that script kiddies are called immature or inexperienced does not quantify their ability, because they can inflict the computer system with malicious damages just like a professional hacker would do.

They are capable of attacking even the biggest web platforms, just as we saw in 2005 where an 18-year-old boy from Minnesota – Jeffrey Parson, was charged for spreading a modified version of the Blaster computer worm, which produced a DDoS attack against all computers that used the Microsoft Windows operating system. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the widespread colossal damage caused by his program.

Apart from gaining illegal access to computer systems or network, they also manipulate users and steal data.

Studies revealed that most of the so-called wannabe hackers engage in their illegal activities just to brag to their peers that they’ve got some badass hacking knowledge, whereas they know nothing about it.

How do the script kiddies hack?

In most cases, the script kiddie is an individual with no programming knowledge who uses existing hacking programs, codes, software, tools, or scripts to gain illegal access to a computer system or network.

What these wannabe hackers do is to download codes and scripts written by experienced programmers on the internet and then use it to launch an attack.

After downloading them they will start launching series of attacks on computer systems or networks, and if their security is not strong enough, the newbie hacker would be able to gain illegal access to it. That’s why it is always recommended that computer system operators and webmasters should always keep an eagle eye on their system’s security to prevent script kiddies who are always hunting for loopholes.

How dangerous Script Kiddies are?

It must be noted that the keyword “kiddie” in this context does not refer to young people alone; it covers both the young and the adults. Even if a wannabe hacker is 12 years old or 65 years old, he/she is still a “Script kiddie”

One thing about script kiddies is that they have close zero knowledge about the functionality of each tools, they just download at random and then launch an attack on the target computer system or network.

Although, script kiddies are regarded as inexperienced or immature, but the fact is that they are capable of inflicting malicious damages or viruses into the computer systems just like the professional hackers, and in case they are being prosecuted, they are treated the same way a normal professional hacker would be treated.

For instance, in 2000, a young Canadian Michael Calce, was arrested for using existing downloading tools to launch denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on popular websites such as Yahoo and eBay. The loss that amassed after the attack was estimated to be around $1.2 billion. In 2001, the newbie hacker was banned from the internet and was sentenced to eight months of open custody, 12 months of probation and a small fine.

How to protect yourself

So, how do you protect yourself from the malicious attacks by script kiddies? Follow these simple tips:

1. Update your security software regularly

Make sure to update all the security software on your computer system regularly. The main reasons why developers update software is to enhance security elements, but when you refuse to update your software, your system is likely to be attacked. Why not update it and save yourself the stress and efforts!

2. Use unique plugins or templates on your website

Avoid using popularly shared plugins and templates on your computer system, because they usually contain malicious codes and scripts that give script kiddies free access to your system. Always go for premium, or better still the unique ones, it’s worth the penny!

3. Keep an eagle eye on your site traffic

Always track the source of your website traffic, i.e try knowing where your visits are coming from. Once you notice a suspicious source, block it as soon as possible. It might be from the wannabe hackers…

4. Don’t use dummy passwords

Avoid using easy-to-guess passwords on your computer system because newbie hackers can easily maneuver it and cause a colossal damage from their own end.

5. Secure your devices with the best VPN software

6. Always update your own knowledge about the cyber security

7. Learn about the most common tools used by the script kiddies and devise a way of tackling them

8. Seek opinions from experienced hackers as regards the best tools you can use in preventing malicious attacks from script kiddies.

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