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BestIPHider is about discovering tech and cybersecurity solutions, showcasing your own expertise or products to help the fight against cybercrime.

Who we are?

personal security

Bestiphider is several things at once. At its core, it is designed to enable better awareness of cybercrime threats to business through data analysis, info sharing and collaboration.

To do this, we bring together open, cyber-focused data journalism, expert analysis, social media and facts & figures around who’s doing what to who, how are they doing it and what’s happening as a result.

BestIPHider’s core audience is made up of anyone who can benefit from greater awareness of cybercrime and how it affects them, their core businesses, their customers, partners, supply chain and more.

At its heart, it is designed to be an easily accessible and intuitive info hub where everyone can get instant info to help in their fight to stay safe from cybercriminals.

Our main focus is helping targeted businesses stay on top of what’s a threat, how to recognize it and how it affects their bottom lines.

Who is it for?

internet privacy

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Learn: Our Data

We collect and analyze thousands of web and social media sources every day for cybercrime events. We organize it all by the affected industry and crunch it with heavyweight analytics. The results? You know what could be affecting you and what to focus on to improve your cybersecurity.


Share: Your Info

It’s a huge taboo in the business world today to share information socially about cybercrime problems. Trouble is, until we learn what the bad guys already know, we can’t fully harness the power of the web to better defend our businesses.


Collaborate: Can’t Beat ‘Em?

For a long time, the bad guys like hackers have efficiently used the web and social media to work together against us. Every minute, they’re trading the data, tools and insights that give them advantages over our business defenses. They’re benefiting from partnerships that make their whole community stronger.