All of us are familiar with the term ‘hacker’. The first thought that comes to mind is something negative, like ‘Oh! His computer was hacked!’

This exactly is the kind of hacker that we’re talking about. There are 3 main kinds of hackers – black, white and grey. But, the majority of us are only familiar with black hat hackers. This is because every other day or week we hear the news of hacking incidents – it proves that a black hat hacker is just another synonym for a criminal hacker.

What are Black Hat Hackers?

By classical definition, a black hat hacker is anyone who uses his hacking skills for causing harm or with a malicious nature. A black hat hacker is a criminal, both morally and legally speaking.

Black hat hackers would use their skills to break open a digital system to steal or misuse data. Such a person would do that for selfish gain.

Imagine a fully secure bank robbery and they know how to enter the room and steal the money violently or sneakily. They would do that with a handheld device, a laptop, desktop computer, website, databases and any kind of digital entity. Most often a black hat hacker’s crime would not be exposed until they’ve finished the breach.

Some hackers love ‘showmanship’ or do everything sneakily till they’ve done all they wanted to do.

So, all in all, a black hat hacker is a criminal that operates mainly online. For this reason most of us are afraid of blackhat hackers every time we use our bank cards somewhere or think twice before entering personal data into any website.

Black Hat vs White Hat Hackers

This is the typical dark vs light scenario. White signifies the good, and black signifies the bad side. A white hat hacker is one who works for the good: he finds what is hackable in a digital system and tells the organization in charge.

A black hat hacker would take this opportunity to leverage it for money, personal gain and all kinds of selfish reasons. A white hat hacker would find the loopholes and weak points in a system through his penetration skills, and report it.

The same cannot be expected of a black hat hacker. He would use illegal methods to breach into a system and would steal or destroy everything inside. Nevertheless, he probably would also ‘report’ his victory to other criminals for future victims.

The third type of hackers – grey hat hacker, may use illegal methods to hack, but would do so under the eyes of an organization or with an intention to share his results to public.

How to become a black hat hacker?

Hacking requires top programming skills and technical knowledge. And to be honest, this is something unhealthy to think of. If you really want to tread on this path, one way or another, you would already know the skills and just have gone rogue.

You are looking forward to a life of crime and on the run from law, with the bonus of courthouses, prison, lawsuits and other civil services and possibly even worse.

You would get a temporary ‘high’ from hacking and personal gain, but you would make your name known in the blackhat community as well as the forces of law.

Most Famous Criminal Hackers

  1. Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick went to jail for being a malicious hacker and hacking into the Digital Equipment Corporation’s computer network, with the intent of stealing and copying software. Another one of his crimes was hacking into Pacific Bell’s voicemail computers. There were other crimes as well and he had to serve a term of five years of his life in jail.
  2. Albert Gonzalez. Aka Segvec, Gonzales was the kingpin of a cybercrime strategy that was one of the largest scaled data breach in the US ever. His crew, Shadowcrew stole credit cards, from companies lie Barnes and Noble, Sports Authority, OfficeMax and many more. Because of his several counts of wire fraud, computer fraud among other crimes, he spent 20 years in prison.
  3. Yahoo Hackers. A couple of members of Russian Intelligence Agency (RIA), Federal Security Service and some more hired hands hacked into Yahoo in 2014. The crime impacted over 500 million accounts just to search through their data for intelligence to leverage for financial gain. Karim Baratov, from Canada; Alexsey Belan (aka Magg) were charged with computer fraud, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft. Karim was imprisoned but Belan still remains at large and on the FBI radar.

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